Tune in to Learning


Basic Math

  1. Video: Area and Tiles

    An artist works with the formula for area when she makes tiles for the New York City subway.

  2. Video: Budgets in Place

    Question Man (Joey Kola) gets financial advice from a millionaire.

  3. Video: Buying for Triplets

    Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a new father of triplets multiply his shopping list by three.

  4. Video: Carpenter Math

    A carpenter demonstrates how math and measurements are critical to her work.

  5. Video: Estimating a Job

    Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a customer estimate the cost of a painting job and figure out the take-home pay.

  6. Video: Tracking Weight Loss

    Two math-savvy women take charge of a friend's calorie-counting.

  7. Video: Utility Bill

    Question Man (Joey Kola) learns how to read the graphs on his utility bill and discovers a mistake.

Ratios, Averages, & Exponents

  1. Video: Ratios

    TV chef Curtis Aikens puts ratios to work in the kitchen.

  2. Video: Averages

    Ice skaters Tai Babalonia and Randy Gardner demonstrate how to find an average.

  3. Video: Phone Plans

    TV411's math-savvy women estimate and calculate their way to an affordable cell phone plan.

  4. Video: Pyramid Schemes

    A federal con-buster reveals the math behind common money scams.

  5. Video: Road Trip Map

    NFL members demonstrate how to figure out time and distance on a map when planning a trip.

  6. Video: Unit Prices

    Laverne (Liz Torres) explains how unit price labels point the way to the best deal.

Fractions, Decimals, & Percentages

  1. Video: Field Goal Odds

    Three pro players use football to explain percentages, decimals, and probability.

  2. Video: Fractions & Percents

    Detroit Shock basketball pros help figure out percentages and fractions.

  3. Video: Fractions and Rhythm

    A professional drummer and dancers from the Broadway hit "42nd Street" put fractions into action.

  4. Video: Multiple Discounts

    Laverne (Liz Torres) explains the concept of percentages, multiple mark-downs, and bargains.

  5. Video: Percentages on Sale

    Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a couple figure out how to use percentages to get the best deal.

  6. Video: Tipping

    A customer shares a tip for figuring out a tip in a restaurant.


  1. Video: Geometry

    Origami artist June Sakamoto gives a colorful lesson in basic geometry.

  2. Video: Perimeter

    A pitcher uses his math expertise to find the perimeter of a baseball diamond.