Tune in to Learning


Dictionary & Thesaurus

  1. Video: Right Definition

    TV411's Dictionary Wizards explore words with more than one meaning.

  2. Video: Choose a Dictionary

    Two Scrabble players give Question Man (Joey Kola) strategies for choosing a dictionary.

  3. Video: Find a Word You Can Spell

    TV411's Dictionary Wizards show how to look up a word that you know how to spell.

  4. Video: Find a Word You Can't Spell

    TV411's Dictionary Wizards show how to look up a word that you don't know how to spell.

  5. Video: Foreign Words

    TV411's Dictionary Wizards find words in English that have origins in other languages.

  6. Video: Learning New Words

    An adult learner shows how to expand your vocabulary.

  7. Video: Multiple Meanings

    TV411's Dictionary Wizards figure out the multiple meanings of a word and pick the definition that works in a specific situation.

  8. Video: What's a Thesaurus?

    To avoid using the same word over and over in a letter, TV411's Dictionary Wizards consult a thesaurus.

Understanding How Words Work

  1. Video: Collecting New Words

    A medic shows a good technique for learning new words.

  2. Video: Compound Words

    Poet Stephen Coleman explains compound words and phrases.

  3. Video: Homonyms

    In this music video, the group Betty sings about sound-alike words.

  4. Video: Medical Words

    Pat Blackwell improves her reading skills in order to become a nurse.

  5. Video: Prefixes

    Question Man (Joey Kola) shops for pre-cooked shrimp and prefixes.

  6. Video: Suffixes

    Question Man (Joey Kola) asks his girlfriend about suffixes and commitment.

  7. Video: Synonyms and Antonyms

    Poet Stephen Coleman explains the uses of synonyms and antonyms.