Tune in to Learning


Earning & Spending

  1. Video: Credit Card Interest

    TV411's math mavens offer tips on how to keep credit card compund interest payments to a minimum.

  2. Video: Credit Card Offer

    TV411 looks at the fine print in a "too good to be true" credit card offer.

  3. Video: Hidden Costs

    This parody of a television commercial demonstrates the costs hidden in the fine print.

  4. Video: Paycheck

    Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a coworker figure out the percentage deducted from her paycheck for taxes.

  5. Video: Rent to Own?

    Question Man (Joey Kola) visits an appliance store and does the math to figure out the better deal:  rent-to-own or save to buy.

  6. Video: Starting a Business

    A teenage parent gets help starting up a small lollipop business as he pursues his GED.

Saving & Investing

  1. Video: 401(k) Benefits

    Young employees learn about 401(k) plans and pre-tax savings.

  2. Video: Change Adds Up

    A worker shows how small change can add up to big savings.

  3. Video: Fine Print

    A math-savvy woman helps her aunt compare the cost of investment offers.

  4. Video: Mutual Funds Graph

    A careful investor uses a graph to track how her mutual funds are doing.

  5. Video: Retirement Saving

    TV411's math-minded women explore strategies for building up their long-term savings.

  6. Video: Simple Savings

    A worker offers tips on how to set up an automatic savings plan.