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Skill/Content: Consumer Math
Type Description Skill/Content
Video Video: Hidden Costs

This parody of a television commercial demonstrates the costs hidden in the fine print.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Multiple Discounts

Laverne (Liz Torres) explains the concept of percentages, multiple mark-downs, and bargains.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Percentages on Sale

Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a couple figure out how to use percentages to get the best deal.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Phone Plans

TV411's math-savvy women estimate and calculate their way to an affordable cell phone plan.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Pyramid Schemes

A federal con-buster reveals the math behind common money scams.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Rent to Own?

Question Man (Joey Kola) visits an appliance store and does the math to figure out the better deal:  rent-to-own or save to buy.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Tipping

A customer shares a tip for figuring out a tip in a restaurant.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Unit Prices

Laverne (Liz Torres) explains how unit price labels point the way to the best deal.

Consumer Math
Video Video: Utility Bill

Question Man (Joey Kola) learns how to read the graphs on his utility bill and discovers a mistake.

Consumer Math
Skill/Content: Exponents
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Bacteria: Math Lesson

One teaspoon of soil can be home to as many as 1,000,000,000 bacterial cells. It’s hard to keep track of all those microbes, so we’ll look at some ways to manage the numbers.