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TV411’s 120 short videos embed basic skills—reading, writing, math, personal finance, and science—in entertaining scenarios aimed at viewers who are 18 and up. By watching the videos, learners can see the skills in action in a real world context.  The videos, which can be seen in full-screen mode if desired, can be played all the way through or paused and replayed from any point. 

A list of related web lessons and other videos appears to the right of the video screen.  These videos and lessons correspond to and extend the content of the video.

Web lessons:

TV411’s 59 web lessons give learners hands-on practice in the skills touched on in the videos. A list of related videos and web lessons appears at the beginning and end of each web lesson on the right side of the web page.

A typical web lesson consists of three activities, each comprised of 3-10 questions that relate to a specific topic or theme.  Each activity uses a different template, a particular format that prompts the learner to answer questions and get feedback.  An exception is the Open Writing template, which does not provide feedback.

Many of the templates are modeled on those that will be used in future, computer-based versions of the GED.   Basic Question & Answer templates include:

  • Multiple Choice – learners select an answer from three or more options
  • Fill in the Blank – learners type an answer in the box provided
  • Checklist – learners check “yes” or “no” in boxes provided
  • Drag and Drop – learners use the mouse to “drag” an item from one location on the computer screen and “drop” it onto another location.

Once a question or series of questions has been answered, the learner will receive immediate and specific feedback. (On some screens, learners must scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the feedback.) Positive feedback often includes additional information related to the theme or topic at hand.  Negative feedback often offers hints so that learners can reassess their response and make another answer choice.

  • Open Writing Template – learners compose essays, letters, or other types of writing in response to prompts.  There is no feedback provided. However, the writing can be downloaded and printed.  If registered and signed in to TV411, the learner can save his or her writing in a personal portfolio.

Print Downloads:

Print downloads are pdf worksheets that can be used by teachers and/or learners for additional practice in applying basic skills. Teacher's Guides are also available for download.


Learners who register with TV411 can access a personal portfolio page that keeps track of the videos they’ve watched and the lessons they’ve started and/or completed. 

Writing done for an Open Writing activity is stored here.  However, the portfolio does not save multiple drafts of a piece of writing.  Instead, each new draft the learner creates for the same activity will replace an older draft stored in the portfolio.


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