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Teacher’s Guide: Introduction

TV411 What’s Cooking? is a real cooking series, with a real chef, that blends basic science and math concepts with healthful recipes.  The series consists of 6 videos and 12 correlated web lessons.

To use these free multimedia materials, you must have access to the internet and to computers in your classroom.  The materials can be enjoyed with your class as a whole, or assigned to individual learners for independent study.

The TV411 What’s Cooking? video segments and their running times are:

1) Salt (10:12)

2) Bacteria (9:29)

3) Carbohydrates (8:17)

4) Photosynthesis (7:42)

5) Heat (8:05)

6) Water (8:17)

Playing the Videos:

If you plan to watch one or more videos with the entire class, the following guides suggest warm-up questions that tap into learners’ background knowledge of each topic; post-viewing discussion questions that reinforce the main ideas in the video; and general discussion questions. A glossary at the end of this document lists the science terms used in each segment.

When showing a video, you can play it all the way through, pause it whenever you wish, or replay portions of it if your audience needs more time to absorb the information. 

Doing the Web Lessons: 

Each video connects to two web lessons that give learners a deeper understanding of the science and math concepts embedded in the cooking demonstration.  After watching the video, learners cado the web lessons during class time and/or on their own at home or at a library (i.e., wherever they have access to the internet).  Learners can also download the recipes featured in the videos.

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