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The Language Arts and the Math and Science Skills Indexes are designed to help you integrate the TV411 videos, web lessons, and print downloads into your classroom's curriculum. Use the dropdown menu below to browse the full catalog of our math and science materials by the skill or content area they address.

Skill/Content: Map Math
Type Description Skill/Content
Video Video: Road Trip Map

NFL members demonstrate how to figure out time and distance on a map when planning a trip.

Map Math
Skill/Content: Math on the Job
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Comprehending Business Problems

To solve some of life’s problems, it often helps to sit down and do the math. But what exactly is the math you need to do?

Math on the Job
Lesson Pricing a Job

There are a lot of numbers to juggle when you’re running a business. You have to estimate your costs and figure out how much to charge. Later on you should get to happier numbers, like revenue and profit!

Math on the Job
Lesson Reading a Pay Stub

Did you know that every paycheck tells a story? It explains how much you’ve earned, how much you pay in taxes, and a whole lot more.

Math on the Job
Lesson Talonarios de pago

¿Sabes que cada talonario de pago cuenta una historia? El talonario explica cuanto has ganado, cuanto pagaste en impuestas, y mucho más.

Math on the Job
Video Video: 401(k) Benefits

Young employees learn about 401(k) plans and pre-tax savings.

Math on the Job
Video Video: Carpenter Math

A carpenter demonstrates how math and measurements are critical to her work.

Math on the Job
Video Video: Estimating a Job

Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a customer estimate the cost of a painting job and figure out the take-home pay.

Math on the Job
Video Video: Paycheck

Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a coworker figure out the percentage deducted from her paycheck for taxes.

Math on the Job
Video Video: Starting a Business

A teenage parent gets help starting up a small lollipop business as he pursues his GED.

Math on the Job