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Understanding What You Read

Understanding What You Read

  1. Video: Summarizing

    A cop on the beat demonstrates the art of summarizing.

  2. Video: A Poet's Life

    Poet Jimmy Baca shares his learning journey and the strength he has gained along the way.

  3. Video: Campaign Promises

    A voter explains how to read a campaign poster with a critcal eye.

  4. Video: Glossary

    Laverne (Liz Torres) and two coworkers use the glossary to figure out unknown words and concepts in their new company health plan.

  5. Video: Language of Leases

    A couple reads the fine print on a lease and makes a list of questions before signing.

  6. Video: Mapping the Road

    A mechanic helps Question Man (Joey Kola) read a road map.

  7. Video: Mapping the World

    Three well-traveled Harlem Globetrotters demonstrate how to read a globe.

  8. Video: Medicine Labels

    Laverne (Liz Torres) dispenses sound advice about reading over-the-counter medicine labels and prescription instructions.

  9. Video: Newspaper Headlines

    A newspaper vendor explains ambiguous headlines.

  10. Video: Newspaper Reading

    While at a diner, Question Man (Joey Kola) and another customer use various strategies to decipher a difficult newspaper article.

  11. Video: Newspaper Stories

    Dennis Franz gives a tip on reading a newspaper article.

  12. Video: Reading Art

    Parents and children interpret art and symbolism at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  13. Video: Restating

    With the help of a no-nonsense judge, Question Man (Joey Kola) learns how to decipher legalese.

  14. Video: Summarizing a Poem

    Poet Jimmy Baca and a group of adults read David Budbill's poem Jeanie.