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Understanding Mean, Median and Mode: Activity 1 of 3

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What if you wanted to predict how long it would take to complete a job based on your experience of similar jobs? Collect the data and calculate the mean. Let’s see how it works.

Remember, to find the mean:

  1. Add up the numbers in a list of data.
  2. Divide that sum by the number of entries (the amount of numbers there are in the list).

Tina spends 3 hours a day addressing envelopes for mass mailing. To estimate how long it will take her to address 1000 envelopes, she keeps track of her work. In the first hour she addresses 34 envelopes; in the second hour she addresses 28; and in the third hour she addresses 19.

What is the mean number of envelopes she addresses in 1 hour? (Use the calculator if you need it.)

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