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Understanding Mean, Median and Mode: Activity 1 of 3

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Ever wonder how many hours you spend getting to work per day? To find out, you need data (a collection of facts and measurements) on the time you spend commuting over a week. Once you have the data, you can calculate the AVERAGE commute time—a number that gives you a general idea of how long you typically spend on the road each day.

There are several types of averages. One type that we use a lot is called the mean.

To calculate the mean<.strong>:

  1. Add up the numbers in a list of data.
  2. Divide the total by the number of entries (the amount of numbers there are in the list).

Fran drives to work 7 days a week. The length of her commute depends on the traffic. She recorded how long it took her to get to work for 1 week. The following times are recorded in minutes.

28, 44, 49, 29, 28, 33, 34

What is her MEAN driving time? (Use the calculator if you need it.)

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