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Skill/Content: Reading Comprehension
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Reading Medicine Labels

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can help people feel better. But they can also cause harm if they are not taken according to instructions. It's important to read and understand medicine labels—especially if you plan to give those pills to a small child.

Reading Comprehension
Lesson Reading the Fine Print

About to sign a contract? Tempted to buy something you’ve seen in an ad? Hold on a minute. Did you check out the fine print?

Reading Comprehension
Lesson Scanning for Specifics

Ever try to read a big instruction manual or how-to book to find out how to fix or do something? It helps to scan the sections to find what you need quickly.

Reading Comprehension
Lesson Science in the News

Many new stories contain scientific terms that are unfamiliar. However, like any vocabulary words, they can be learned with a little practice. They’ll come in handy, especially on the Science section of the GED.

Reading Comprehension
Lesson Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Many tests, like the GED, use multiple-choice questions to assess what you know. These questions can be tricky – but don’t worry. Come to the test prepared – and try some of these tips when you look for the right answers.

Reading Comprehension
Lesson Write Your Autobiography

We all have stories to tell about our lives. Why not write them down? The trick is to write them well so your readers keep turning the pages!

Reading Comprehension
Print Lesson Personal Story

Click on the title to download the worksheet.

Reading Comprehension
Video Video: Campaign Promises

A voter explains how to read a campaign poster with a critcal eye.

Reading Comprehension
Video Video: Highlighting

A woman explains how using a highlighter when you read helps you with comprehension.

Reading Comprehension
Video Video: Language of Leases

A couple reads the fine print on a lease and makes a list of questions before signing.

Reading Comprehension