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Water: Science Lesson: Quick Quiz

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Take a quiz to see what facts you've gathered about water.

  1. Which of the following describes a water molecule?
    1. It’s made up of two oxygen atoms and one hydrogen atom.
    2. It’s made up of three hydrogen atoms.
    3. It’s made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
    4. It’s made up of one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom.
  2. The human body is about 60% water by weight. Which pie chart shows this?

  3. When water freezes, the molecules
    1. form a crystal structure.
    2. move closer together.
    3. release hydrogen.
    4. release oxygen.
  4. When liquid water is heated
    1. the molecules slow down.
    2. it absorbs more oxygen.
    3. the molecules lose energy.
    4. the molecules speed up.
  5. Ice floats in a glass of water because
    1. ice is lighter than liquid water.
    2. ice is colder than liquid water.
    3. ice is less dense than liquid water.
    4. ice is a solid.
  6. When ice melts
    1. it changes from one state of matter to another.
    2. it changes from one element to another.
    3. it changes from one chemical to another.
    4. it changes from a compound to an element.
  7. What’s a result of condensation?
    1. Dew on the grass
    2. Ice in the fridge
    3. Humidity in the air
    4. Snow on the mountaintop
  8. A 10-ounce apple is 80% water by weight. How much would the apple weigh if you took away all the water?
    1. 8 ounces
    2. 6 ounces
    3. 2 ounces
    4. Not enough information to say
  9. Volume is
    1. a measure of how much something weighs.
    2. a measure of pressure.
    3. a scale for measuring temperature.
    4. a measure of how much space something takes up.
  10. To find the volume of a box, multiply
    1. weight × height × length
    2. density × weight
    3. length × width × height
    4. density × pressure
  11. What is not a state of matter?
    1. Solid
    2. Liquid
    3. Gas
    4. Element
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