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Photosynthesis: Science Lesson


Whenever you sit down to a good meal, say a word of thanks to photosynthesis. With a little light, water, and carbon dioxide, plants produce food for themselves and for the animals that eat the plants. Whether you eat a salad or steak, you’re powering up on the energy captured by photosynthesis.

In this lesson you:
  • Interpreted diagrams that describe the process of photosynthesis
  • Examined the ingredients and products of photosynthesis
  • Identified producers and consumers in the food web
Own your own:
  • Next time you serve dinner, ask your family to identify the “producers” and “consumers” on their plates!
  • Pay attention to stories in the paper and in the news about deforestation and how it affects our climate and environment. Think about how photosynthesis is connected to these themes.
  • Think about how the elements in photosynthesis play a role in your everyday life. What do you encounter every day that contains carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O)?