Tune in to Learning

Personal Dictionary


By keeping your eyes and ears alert for synonyms and antonyms, you can build your vocabulary.  Don’t forget to write down new words – in a personal dictionary if you wish.  Soon you’ll have a great stock of words to draw upon when you read, write, or converse.

In this lesson you:
  • Chose synonyms for different words
  • Sorted words to match their antonyms
  • Used context clues to figure out the meaning of new words
  • Wrote sentences using new words
On your own:
  • Try making your own personal dictionary. You can find out how to get started HERE. All you need are new words, a blank address book, and the courage to try!
  • As you go about your day, pay attention to words that you don’t know. If these words come up in your life a lot, it’s time to learn them.
  • Buy yourself a “word-a-day” calendar. A word-a-day calendar lists a new word and its definition on every page. You can find one on line or at a local bookstore. It is said that once you use a word 5 times in one day, it’s “yours.” Why not give it a try?