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Libraries & Books

Libraries & Books

  1. Video: Atlas

    Agent Know How uses the library's atlas to find the distance from New York, NY to El Paso, TX.

  2. Video: Card Catalogue

    Agent Know How uses the library computer to look up a book.

  3. Video: Dorothea Lange, Photographer

    Workers learn about the history of the Depression through Dorothea Lange's celebrated photographs.

  4. Video: Doug E. Fresh

    Hip-hop star and author Doug E. Fresh reads, raps, and rhymes with parents and children.

  5. Video: Games and Reading

    An adult learner talks about using games to learn to read and about reading to his child.

  6. Video: John Zickefoose

    An adult learner talks about a strategy for learning to read difficult words.

  7. Video: Library Card

    Agent Know How gets a library card and learns about libraries.

  8. Video: Picking a Book

    A librarian helps Question Man (Joey Kola) pick out a book that will help him better understand his teenage son.

  9. Video: Plainsong

    What happens when an entire Midwestern town reads the same novel?

  10. Video: Searching for Family Roots

    An African-American woman researches her family's roots over the Internet and in the field.

  11. Video: Studs Terkel

    A group of adult learners discusses the non-fiction book by Studs Terkel.

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