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Personal Letter: Setting the Tone: Activity 3 of 4



You can also set a good tone by correcting your mistakes. Sending a letter without errors shows respect—it means you worked hard to make everything perfect.

One of the most common mistakes people make in letters is to put in an apostrophe (’) when it’s not needed and forget to put it in when it’s called for. Here’s a reminder:

  1. Use an apostrophe s (’s) after a single noun to show possession or ownership. For example,
    “dad’s watch” means dad owns the watch
  2. Use an apostrophe s (’s) to join “is” to another word. For example, “she’s” means “she is”
  3. Use a plain s without an apostrophe to show more than one of something. For example, I love movies.

Help Sean avoid mistakes by picking the right word as he writes his letter.

Dear Dad,
I would really love to wear ________ watch at my wedding.
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