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Math and Science Skills Index

The Language Arts and the Math and Science Skills Indexes are designed to help you integrate the TV411 videos, web lessons, and print downloads into your classroom's curriculum. Use the dropdown menu below to browse the full catalog of our math and science materials by the skill or content area they address.

Skill/Content: Mean, Median, and Mode
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Understanding Mean, Median and Mode

What’s the average time you spend talking on the phone? How many miles per gallon does your car get, on average? Stick with this lesson and you’ll learn a few useful ways to crunch the numbers in your life.

Mean, Median, and Mode
Video Video: Averages

Ice skaters Tai Babalonia and Randy Gardner demonstrate how to find an average.

Mean, Median, and Mode
Video Video: Phone Plans

TV411's math-savvy women estimate and calculate their way to an affordable cell phone plan.

Mean, Median, and Mode
Skill/Content: Measurement
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Agua: Matemáticas Lección

El agua es esencial para todos los seres vivos. Vamos a examinar más de cerca este líquido precioso que empapa nuestro mundo.

Lesson Calculating Area

Whether you’re putting down tiles, buying furniture for a room, or creating a work of art, you will need to calculate the area—the measurement of a surface—in order to plan your project.

Lesson Calor: Ciencia Lección

Hay un viejo refrán que dice así: si no aguantas el calor, ¡sal de la cocina! Pero nosotros necesitamos el calor para cocinar nuestros alimentos y para hacer "bailar" a las moléculas dentro de la comida.

Lesson Calor: Matemáticas Lección

En esta lección, verás las propiedades de las ondas electromagnéticas y aprenderás diferentes formas de medirlas.

Lesson Carbohidratos: Matemáticas Lección

Los números que aparecen en las etiquetas de información nutricional de los alimentos empacados son muy útiles para quienes llevan la cuenta de los carbohidratos que comen. El truco es comprender cómo los distintos tipos de gráficas, cuadros y tablas representan las cantidades.

Lesson Carbohydrates: Math Lesson

The numbers on the nutrition labels of packaged foods help people keep track of the carbs in their diet. The trick is to understand how different types of charts, graphs, and tables represent quantities.

Lesson Heat: Math Lesson

It’s a heat wave! Or, rather, electromagnetic (EM) waves heat our planet and our food. In this lesson, you’ll look at the properties of EM waves and learn different ways to measure them.