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The Language Arts and the Math and Science Skills Indexes are designed to help you integrate the TV411 videos, web lessons, and print downloads into your classroom's curriculum. Use the dropdown menu below to browse the full catalog of our math and science materials by the skill or content area they address.

Skill/Content: Exponents
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Bacterias: Matemáticas Lección

Una cucharadita de tierra puede tener alrededor de 1,000,000,000 células bacterianas. Es difícil llevar la cuenta de todos esos microbios, por lo que veremos algunas maneras de manejar esos números.

Lesson Calor: Matemáticas Lección

En esta lección, verás las propiedades de las ondas electromagnéticas y aprenderás diferentes formas de medirlas.

Lesson Heat: Math Lesson

It’s a heat wave! Or, rather, electromagnetic (EM) waves heat our planet and our food. In this lesson, you’ll look at the properties of EM waves and learn different ways to measure them.

Lesson Keeping Up With Exponential Growth

Eve needed money, so she answered an ad for a job stuffing envelopes. To get started, she had to pay a fee and sign up new members. Eve got suspicious. The job turned out to be a pyramid scheme—a money scam that grows “exponentially.”

Print Lesson Think Math: Exponential Growth

Click on the title to download the worksheet.

Video Video: Bacteria

See how microbes add zest to dip and how to control them.

Video Video: Bacterias

Aprende como agregan sabor los microbios a una salsa de yogurt y como los puedes controlar.

Video Video: Pyramid Schemes

A federal con-buster reveals the math behind common money scams.

Skill/Content: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Agua: Matemáticas Lección

El agua es esencial para todos los seres vivos. Vamos a examinar más de cerca este líquido precioso que empapa nuestro mundo.

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Lesson Multiple Percents

Smart consumers do research before they buy. They also check for value. 50% off seems like a great deal, and if they get 20% more off at the register, it's even better. But what’s the final price?

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents