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The Language Arts and the Math and Science Skills Indexes are designed to help you integrate the TV411 videos, web lessons, and print downloads into your classroom's curriculum. Use the dropdown menu below to browse the full catalog of our language arts materials by the skill or content area they address.

Skill/Content: Writer Profiles
Type Description Skill/Content
Video Video: Steelworkers Write

Poet Jimmy Baca conducts a dynamic writing workshop with Indiana steelworkers.

Writer Profiles
Video Video: Studs Terkel

A group of adult learners discusses the non-fiction book by Studs Terkel.

Writer Profiles
Video Video: The Freedom Writers

Four Long Beach, California, students use pen and paper to fight prejudice and intolerence.

Writer Profiles
Video Video: Toshi Reagon

Singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon writes a song on the spot especially for TV411 and shares her writing process.

Writer Profiles
Video Video: Writers' Room

TV411 goes behind the scenes of the Bernie Mac Show for a peek at a professional brainstorming session.

Writer Profiles
Skill/Content: Writing and Editing Strategies
Type Description Skill/Content
Lesson Editing Checklist

Jim is writing a note to his sister but he isn’t sure of his grammar and punctuation. A little editing is needed. But how to begin?

Writing and Editing Strategies
Lesson Finding New Ways to Say Something

If you never want to be at a loss for words—it’s a good idea to have a thesaurus on hand.

Writing and Editing Strategies
Lesson Grammar and Punctuation

Good writers, like good barbers, are careful workers. They master the details of their craft—whether it’s proper punctuation or a clean shave.

Writing and Editing Strategies
Lesson How to Write a Business Email

Email is a handy form of communication, whether for business or pleasure. Shortcuts are fine when you’re emailing friends…but for a business email, make sure you put your best self forward!

Writing and Editing Strategies
Lesson Personal Dictionary

Want to expand your vocabulary? Start a personal dictionary. A blank address book is a perfect place to list new words and definitions.

Writing and Editing Strategies