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Language Arts Skills Index

The Language Arts and the Math and Science Skills Indexes are designed to help you integrate the TV411 videos, web lessons, and print downloads into your classroom's curriculum. Use the dropdown menu below to browse the full catalog of our language arts materials by the skill or content area they address.

Skill/Content: Autobiographical Writing
Type Description Skill/Content
Video Video: Journals

Poet Jimmy Baca and a group of adults discuss why and how they keep a journal and share some of their journal entries.

Autobiographical Writing
Video Video: Read Aloud

Professional actors in New York City read adult learners' writings on stage.

Autobiographical Writing
Video Video: Steelworkers Write

Poet Jimmy Baca conducts a dynamic writing workshop with Indiana steelworkers.

Autobiographical Writing
Video Video: The Freedom Writers

Four Long Beach, California, students use pen and paper to fight prejudice and intolerence.

Autobiographical Writing
Skill/Content: Books and Libraries
Type Description Skill/Content
Print Lesson Bookstores & Libraries

Click on the title to download the worksheet.

Books and Libraries
Video Video: Card Catalogue

Agent Know How uses the library computer to look up a book.

Books and Libraries
Video Video: Doug E. Fresh

Hip-hop star and author Doug E. Fresh reads, raps, and rhymes with parents and children.

Books and Libraries
Video Video: John Zickefoose

An adult learner talks about a strategy for learning to read difficult words.

Books and Libraries
Video Video: Library Card

Agent Know How gets a library card and learns about libraries.

Books and Libraries
Video Video: Picking a Book

A librarian helps Question Man (Joey Kola) pick out a book that will help him better understand his teenage son.

Books and Libraries